2015 Show 'n Tell Contest - Overview

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2015 Show 'n Tell Contest - Overview


2015 Show 'n Tell Contest


Our annual Show 'n Tell Contest has been very popular and so this year we will run it again. It is an opportunity for all tatters and lacemakers to share their projects for all of us to enjoy. As before, we will display the works of art from the contestants and ask the public to judge them by voting for their favorite in each category. The winner of each category will receive a $75 gift certificate from the Tatting Corner.

A sampling of entries from 2012 - 2013


Each contestant may submit up to 3 entries in each category. The contest will be open for submissions beginning September 20, 2015 until midnight October 31, 2015.

After the contest submission deadline, we will collect your entries and post them online and ask viewers to cast a vote for their favorites in each category. Viewers may cast their votes only once per category. At the end of the judging period, we will announce the winner of each category and award prizes. Please review the Contest Rules for detailed information.

Categories for submission are:

  • Wearables (includes tatted jewelry and other worn accessories)
  • Decorations, Ornaments
  • Doilies
  • Pillowcases
  • Miscellaneous (projects that do not fit in one of the other categories)


  • Take quality photos so that your work may be seen in the best possible light. In past years, those entries with the better photos tended to win more often than not.
  • If you do not have adequate lighting or if a flash causes your photo to look overexposed, try taking a picture outdoors either in the sun or light shade.
  • Though you can submit more than one photo of your project, only ONE will be accepted for the contest. The Tatting Corner will select the best photo if you do not make a choice.


If you submit printed photos, be sure to number them on the back and include your name. On the entry form, record your photo number in the space provided. If you are submitting a digital photo, record the file name of the photo in the space provided.


If you submit your entry by mail, print the appropriate forms, fill them out and mail them together with your photo to: Tatting Corner, 7872 Troy Rd, Greenfield, Indiana 46140. Faxed entries are not acceptable.

If you submit your entry by email (contest@tattingcorner.com), the Entry Form may be filled out by computer, saved and attached to an email. Attach a digital photo of your entry project. The photo must be JPG, PNG, TIF or GIF format. JPG is the preferred format.

Official Entry Form (required whether submitting by mail or email) - Only 1 Entry per Form. Please download the PDF form to your computer before filling it out or your information might not be saved. If you have difficulty with the PDF form, a Microsoft Word document version is also available for downloading.

CAUTION: If your photo contains recognizable faces of people, you MUST submit a model release form in order to enter your photo in the Tatting Corner Show 'n Tell Contest. Model releases are written agreements signed by the models that permit photographers to use photos of people. Properly completed release forms MUST be signed (one per model), and include the model's name, date, address, and preferably e-mail. Review our release guideline for additional information.

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