Winners of the 2014 Show 'n Tell Contest

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We are so excited to announce the winners of this year's Show 'n Tell Contest.  With so many wonderful tatted designs, I'm sure it would have been difficult to vote for a favorite.  We had a couple thousand votes cast and even at that several categories were closely contested!



Marina K. from France won the Decoration / Ornaments category with her work, 'Vase with Doily. Her creation is a design taken from the book entitled "Chudesnye krugeva" meaning magic lace by T. Utkina. Marina says she tatted the vase bigger than indicated in the book and used some beads for decoration. Congratulations, Marina.


Judith W. won the Doily category with her tatted doily. The pattern came from Jan Stawasz' "Tatted Theory and Patterns" and is called Doily VIII.  Congratulations, Judith.


Carolyn C. of Indiana won the Miscellaneous category with her work titled "3-D Tatted Fairies". This work is an original design by Carolyn. She describes it as "The fairy bodies are constructed of seed beads and wooden beads. The wigs are made from embroidery floss. The garments and wings are tatted. I used size 80 thread for the blouse and skirt and I used Coats, Hand quilt thread 100% cotton and Brace. The wings were made in white then painted to match the colors on the various fairies. The Fairies bodies are 2 inches tall with wings they range from 3 to 3 1/2 inches tall." Congratulations, Carolyn.


Emily K of Indiana won the Pillowcase category with her work titled "Butterfly Pillowcase". Her creation comes from a design by Kimberly Donohue found in #16 KNOTS Tatting newsletter, March 1997, called Butterfly Bookvine. Emily writes, " I tatted the butterflies with Prism variegated craft thread in purple, teal and blue. And solid green vines and pink flowers in perle cotton 5. I stitched the tatting to the pillowcase using waste canvas ". Congratulations, Emily.


Brenda B. of Oregon won the Wearables category with her work titled "Purple Cluny Necklace". The original design comes from an Elisa du Sud pattern called "Coeur de la Saint-Valentin" from Fils et dentelles blog at Brenda says the cluny heart necklace was made with beads from Elisa du Sud pattern and was tatted using Lizbeth 20, colors 177 & 647. Congratulations, Brenda.




With such a close race, we just have to share with you the runner-ups. These creations are also beautiful to behold and are a real inspiration to all of us.


Miscellaneous Category: Carole F.

Pillowcase Category: Emily K. (upper) and Carole F. (lower) tied for runner-up
Decoration / Ornament Category: Marie C.

Doily Category: Marina K. 

Wearables Category: Marina K.

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