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Announcing the winners of the 2015 Show 'n Tell Contest! Their projects are absolutely breathtaking! You can read about them below. We certainly don't want to take away from all the other entries in our contest. It was exciting to see so many of them and with the voting in some categories being so close, well, it could have been anybody's win.

Each winner has been contacted to let them know they won a $75 gift certificate and we've asked them to share a little about themselves.



marie mMarie M. from Idaho, USA, won the Decoration / Ornaments category with her work, 'Pearlyflake'. Her creation is a design taken from 'Happy Occhi' by Petra. She tatted the piece with size 20 thread, it measures 2.5" in diameter and is accented with pearls. Marie says about herself: "I live in northern Idaho. I am a retired analytical chemist and enjoy fishing, silversmithing, glass blowing, and of course, tatting. I have been tatting for 8 years. I started out needle tatting until I finally figured out that flip thingy. The first two years I tatted crosses using size 80 thread, from Lene Bjorn's, " Tatted Bookmarks". (Size 80 thread was the only thread I could find.) Tatting is my favorite thing, since it can be taken anywhere. My favorite things to tat are crosses and tatting around vintage jewelry." Congratulations, Marie!


elena KElena K., Russia, won the Doily category with her tatted doily, 'Buttercups Doily'. She describes the work as a small doily made from Lizbeth #80 (white) and gingerbread HDT from Tatskool. The pattern came from Ben Fikkert's' "A Tatting Adventure".  Congratulations, Elena!


brenda bBrenda B., Oregon, USA, won the Miscellaneous category with her work titled "Cluny Hearts Bookmark". She describes her work as tatted using size 30 hand-dyed thread from Marilee Rockley. Heart patterns are from Elisa Du Sud/Mimi Dillman. Brenda says about herself, "After my grandparents died in 1998, we found a fabulous tatted doily among their things. It had been tatted by my dad's cousin years ago. I hadn't seen tatting before, and became determined to learn. Unfortunately, my dad's cousin was no longer around to teach me, so I had to learn from books. After many tries and much frustration, I finally figured out how to flip my stitches from Carol Winandy's "Tatting with Tatsy" book. Once I caught on, I became addicted...". Congratulations, Brenda!


carole fCarole F., Canada won the Pillowcase category with her work titled "Blueberry Pillowcase Edging". Her creation is described as made from DMC Cebelia, Size 30 thread in Blueberry Light. The design is from Anne Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns. Carole writes, "My grandmother taught me to tat when I was a young teenager and I have been tatting for over 40 years, more so since retiring. I'm a member of the Fringe Element Tatters here in Ontario. I also enjoy sewing and most forms of needlework and always have a project on the go (or a couple). I have two grown sons, neither of which has taken up the shuttle, so as far as my family goes, sadly, tatting ends with me. ". Congratulations, Carole!


Dorothy C., Tennessee, USA, won the Wearables category with her work titled "Baby Bonnet". She describes the work as a tatted baby cap with the pattern done with a center medallion in the back. It was created with Lizbeth size 20 tatting thread. The modified pattern came from Workbasket Magazine, Feb 1969. Dorothy says "I live in a small rural town in Tennessee. I began needle tatting about 4 years ago, then learned to shuttle tat about 2 years ago. I have taken the beginner Craftsy course by Marilee Rockley and that helped so very much. I enjoy collecting shuttles, tatting patterns and of course no one can ever have too much thread. I use the Lizbeth size 20 on most projects. I also crochet and knit and have smocked and sold children's and 18" doll clothes for 25+ years, but after learning to tat, have done little else. I am currently trying to start a tatting guild here in our community. I would one day love to actually visit The Tatting Corner in person, but until then, will continue to make it my favorite place to shop--ONLINE!" Congratulations, Dorothy!




If the above winners are not enough, here are the runner ups for additional inspiration.


Miscellaneous Category: Carole F.

Pillowcase Category: Muskaan
Decoration / Ornament Category: Marie M.

Doily Category: Elena K. 

Wearables Category: Carollyn B.

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