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Welcome to Our World of Thread

Here at the Tatting Corner we LOVE thread!

Did you know that there are at least 9 different ways to measure thread? And it varies by country and brand. Most of the threads we carry are measured by weight.

We have the traditional tatting cotton or size 80 threads; we have embroidery floss; we have the old fashioned bedspread weight cottons as well as crochet thread for the "threadies" (a new 'technical' term I learned at the National Knit & Crochet show). We also have size 50 for the Bobbin Lacers.

No matter your discipline or art form we have found that the many different sizes of threads available these days allows for plenty of versatility for anyone who loves to work with thread. Even size 40 Lizbeth thread is great for projects that use a sewing machine!

Our store has a great selection of threads, tools and books for crocheting, bobbin lacing, embroidery and tatting. Please be our guest and browse our store.

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Attention All Designers!

Attention Designers - Promote your designs here!

Are you a budding designer or are already published and would like to get more exposure for your designs and patterns that you would like to sell or share?

Then contact us for more information. We would like to offer you an opporunity to promote your designs at little to no cost!

Winners of the 2014 Show 'n Tell Contest

We are so excited to announce the winners of this year's Show 'n Tell Contest. With so many wonderful tatted designs, I'm sure it would have been difficult to vote for a favorite. We had a couple thousand votes cast and even at that several categories were closely contested!

Check out the winners here.


The Real World of Shipping

Shipping can sometimes seem like a nightmare!

Recently I needed a critical item from Illinois and paid extra to have it shipped 2 Day Priority. I reside in Indiana; the item was a mere 5-hour drive away.

Imagine my distress when I checked the USPS tracking number a day later only to learn my shipment went to Montana and would not be delivered until 3 or 4 days had elapsed making my deadline completely hopeless!

Playing Hide and Seek

The Tatting Corner's experience has been that it is rare when a package is totally lost. Some seem to disappear only to reappear days, weeks, even months later. In 18 years, I think only 1 or 2 packages have been totally lost and that includes all the international shipping we have done.

I know how my customers feel when their order does not arrive as expected. I ship orders every day. 99% of the time, there are no issues. And when there is an issue, I frequently will bend over backwards to make it right even when the fault is not mine.

Package tracking can be a godsend, not only for customer and businesses, but also for the carrier. Typically you can learn the package's route and last drop off point and locate 'lost' packages quickly. Without tracking, there's no trail to follow. If the package does not arrive, who is responsible? Where did the package go? Should a business reship the order simply on the word of the customer? What would you do?

Shipping Do's and Don'ts

My recent bad experience with the Illinois shipment made me reflect on shipping and prompted me to share some thoughts with you having experienced both sides of the equation.

  • Insist on shipping methods that include package tracking. Looking up a package's location and estimated date of delivery is very easy so you know where your order is and when it is expected to be delivered.
  • Did you know USPS Priority packages are flown on commercial flights when the distance to the destination justifies it? If a flight is delayed by weather or if the flight is too full or too heavy to include a USPS shipment, the shipment can be delayed.
  • When you place an order, be certain your address is absolutely correct. What you enter is what shows up on the mailing label. Most package labeling is done in an automated manner. We had an incident where a package was returned to us several times because the customer never gave us the correct address.
  • If you are in a hurry to receive your order, drop us a few lines in the comment section. We definitely read the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Be sure to select RUSH at checkout if it absolutely, positively has to get there right away.
  • Lastly, consider insurance. If you are ordering anything where you can't afford to lose your money, it may be worth $3.50 for shipping insurance. You should also consider requesting signature confirmation (US shipments only) if package theft is a worry where you live.

I hope my experiences will help you the next time you place an order whether it is with us or any other business!

Happy Creating!